Alphabetical Listing of Services - D - Hastings

DAC Medical Vision - Driver assessment centre   Kingston
Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre - Stittsville Campus   Ottawa
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Debtors Anonymous   Toronto
Dental Clinics - Individual Practitioners  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Deseronto Transit   Deseronto
Desert Stream Christian Fellowship - Volunteer Income Tax Preparation   Belleville
Developmental Pediatrics  
Developmental Services Ontario  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - Eastern and South Ontario Regional Leadership Centre   Ottawa
Diabetes Canada - Hastings and Price Edward Branch   Belleville
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario   Toronto
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Diagnostic Radiology  
Dianne Johns Counselling Services   Belleville
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Disability Dreams Group - DDG Innovations   Belleville
DisAbled Women's Network Canada   Montreal
Diseases and Conditions Support Groups  
Distress and Crisis Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Ademidun, Aderotimi O - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Belleville
Doctor Agoston, Hanga - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Al-Nakhli, Mohammed H S - Psychiatry   Belleville
Doctor Aleykina, Natalya O - Family Medicine   Astra
Doctor Allen, Katherine P - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Allin, Jeffrey C - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Baker, Christopher R - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Bardell, Trevor - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Barette, Rene L - Nuclear Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Barnabi, Francesco - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Bates, Robert B - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Bates, William F - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Belda, Antonio A - Pediatrics, practicing is Allergy   Belleville
Doctor Bell, Allan C - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Belleville
Doctor Bhan, Heather - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Birchard, James D - Orthopaedic Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Blanchard, Eric - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Bolton, Craig J - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Belleville
Doctor Bonacci, Giuseppe - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Booth, Christopher M - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Braig, Florian Gustav Adolf - Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Brown, Carolyn J - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Brown, Ciara E - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Brown, Marty H - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Brundage, Michael D - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Bryson, Julie C - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Campbell, Joseph ALJ - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Carpenter, A - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Chanda, Melanie N - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Belleville
Doctor Cleminson, Douglas M - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Coady, John E - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Cooke, Donald W - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Cooper, Gregory R - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Courtland, Michael R - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Cunningham, William L - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Davies, Andrew M - Ophthalmology   Belleville
Doctor Davies, Nina E - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor De La Roche, Michael RP - Family Medicine, practicing in emergency medicine   Belleville
Doctor Dempsey, Gerald P - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Dinsmore, Kevin - Chiropractor   Belleville
Doctor Dodds, Mark C - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Dolan, James D - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Doren, Denis M - General Practitioner   Bancroft
Doctor Dosaj, Arun K - General Practitioner - Madoc   Madoc
Doctor Dosaj, Arun K - Marmora - General Practitioner   Marmora
Doctor Dullege, Suzanne M - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Dyachuk, Elena - Family Medicine   Astra
Doctor Esperanzate, Patrick WB - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Eyesan, Mirriam N - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Fahy, Maeve P - Psychiatry   Belleville
Doctor Falconer, Erin FE - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Feltham, Ian C - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Ferreira, Alexander M - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Forbes, Andrew J - Family Medicine, practicing in sleep medicine   Belleville
Doctor Fransky, Melissa K - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Gerasimoff, Jennifer - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Gerred, Ralph K - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Gilic, Filip - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Trenton
Doctor Goetz, Catherine J - Anatomical Pathology   Belleville
Doctor Gomide, Jose G S - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Gosse, Gordon D - Pediatrics, practicing in emotional / behavioral issues   Belleville
Doctor Grant, Frederick C - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Gregoire, Keith R - Paediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Grieve-Eglin, LH - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Griffin, Glenn H - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Griffin, Steven R - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Guan, Meng - Urology, practicing in surgery   Belleville
Doctor Hall, Ryan - Family Medicine - 265 Dundas St E   Belleville
Doctor Hall, Ryan W - Family Medicine - St Paul Street   Belleville
Doctor Hamilton, John G - Family Medicine, practicing in Sleep Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Hammad, Nazik HM - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Harrison, Mariam N - Respirology   Belleville
Doctor Hayes, William A - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Hilton, Jack G - Internal Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Holder, Chanse L - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Hollett, Peter M - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Holmes, Rebecca A - Family Medicine - 145 Station St   Belleville
Doctor Holowaty, Melissa N - Family Medicine   Marmora
Doctor Holton, Gordon R - FCFP - Family Medicine   Wellington
Doctor Horan, Patrick F - Dermatology   Belleville
Doctor Jamil, Khalid - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Kafka, Henryk P - Internal Medicine and Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Kaladeen, Stephan M - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Kankesan, Janarthanan - Medical Oncology   Belleville
Doctor Kawam, Michael P - Orthopedic Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Khare, Suneeta D - General Pathology   Belleville
Doctor Knarr, Nadia K - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Koshy, Varghese C - Internal Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Kovacs, David P - Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Belleville
Doctor Lachapelle, Kevin R - Ophthalmology   Trenton
Doctor Ladouceur, Jessica - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Lafrance, Kristy L - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Lawson, Laura E - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor Leal, Gregory RJ - Urology   Belleville
Doctor Leon, Sebastian B - General Practitioner   Astra
Doctor Leong, Roger - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Levis, Ruth E - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Ling, Herbert S - Orthopaedic Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Link, Catherine Anne - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Lisowski, David F - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Lorette, Jason - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Lynch, Jennifer A - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor MacLeod, Kim S - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor MacPherson, Colin J - Psychiatry   Belleville
Doctor Mahadeva, Ranjith - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Maraghi, Elias - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Maraj, Ramsarran - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Martin, Nicholas - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Mason, James Ian Allan - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor McDonald, Lois Marie - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Belleville
Doctor McEnery, Peter - Family Medicine   Bancroft
Doctor McIlreath, Sean Alexander - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor McInnes, Craig - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation   Belleville
Doctor McPhail, Janice Elizabeth - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Minuk, Ashley M - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Miron, Mary M - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Belleville
Doctor Moher, Kelly Lynn Barbara - Family Medicine   Tweed
Doctor Mustard, John Charles - Public Health and Preventative Medicine   Tweed
Doctor Nguyen, Thien H - Nuclear Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Nguyen, Tuyet T - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Noronha, Lionel J - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Noronha, Osborne Isaac - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor O'Brien, David Michael - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Belleville
Doctor Park, Ian RA - General Practitioner, practicing family medicine   Trenton
Doctor Perrier, Catherine Elizabeth - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Pickle, Andrew - Orthopedic Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Pincock, Robert J - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Piteau, Shalea Joanne - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Pollard, Fraser - Family Medicine   Trenton
Doctor Pritchett, Sean Byron - Gastroenterology   Belleville
Doctor Quinn, Andrew - Family Medicine - Belleville   Belleville
Doctor Quinn, Andrew Reynolds - Family Medicine - Tweed   Tweed
Doctor Ranawaya, Jose - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Ranjith, Koshela - Family Medicine   Stirling
Doctor Rao, Krishna B - Ophthalmology   Trenton
Doctor Reid, James Neil - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Reynolds, Robert Bruce - General Practitioner   Deseronto
Doctor Rizvi, Shahbano Hussain - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Sakamoto, Terence K - Ophthalmology   Belleville
Doctor Savic, Mile - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Shipley, William F - Family Medicine - Bridge St, Belleville   Belleville
Doctor Shipley, William Franklin - Family Medicine - Dundas St, Belleville   Belleville
Doctor Shirriff, Michael D - General Practitioner   Trenton
Doctor Simmons, Maureen Lenore - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Sloan, Ryan Wesley - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Smith, Eric William - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Steinitz, Daniel K - Orthopaedic Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Stewart, Adam Mark - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Stewart, Chad W - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Stone, Peter - Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Tam, Kin-Hung - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Theodorou, Maria Eugenia - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Tromp, Margaret M - Family Medicine   Picton
Doctor Trozzi, Mark Raymond - General Practitioner   Bancroft
Doctor Truman, Tony Leslie - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Twemlow, Gregory D'Oyly - General Pathology   Belleville
Doctor Vance, Laura - Family Medicine   Madoc
Doctor Vanier, Kelly L - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Vukojevic, Duska - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Belleville
Doctor Walsh, Ronald James - General Practitioner, practicing in occupational medicine   Belleville
Doctor Weatherall, Paul Ian - General Practitioner   Belleville
Doctor Webb, Janet Linda - Family Medicine, practicing in palliative care   Madoc
Doctor Webster, Jennifer Dawn - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Webster, Robert William - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Whelan, Jennifer - Family Medicine - 145 Station St   Belleville
Doctor Wilkins, Paul James - Family Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Woods, Edward Francis Alexander - Urology   Belleville
Doctor Woolnough, Rebecca J - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Yee, Ernest - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Zimmerman, Paul Robert - Psychiatry   Belleville
Doctors - Family and General Practitioners  
Doctors - Specialists  
DoctorsOntario   Toronto
Donna Barrett & Associates - Visiting Child Occupational Therapy   Belleville
Doula What You Love - Birth Doula & Birth Prep   Newburgh
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Dr Hiten Negandhi & Associates - Optometrists   Belleville
Dr Weinstein, David Matthew - Nephrology, practicing in nephrology and hypertension   Belleville
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto Android app on Google Play Download on the iOS App Store