Alphabetical Listing of Services - D - Leeds & Grenville

DAC Medical Vision - Driver assessment centre   Kingston
Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre - Stittsville Campus   Ottawa
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Debtors Anonymous   Toronto
Delta Country Market - Grocery Delivery   Delta
Dental Clinics - Individual Practitioners  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Developmental Pediatrics  
Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville   Brockville
Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville - Brockville - Distress Centre Lanark, Leeds and Grenville   Brockville
Developmental Services of Leeds and Grenville - Kemptville   Brockville
Developmental Services Ontario  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - Eastern and South Ontario Regional Leadership Centre   Ottawa
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario   Toronto
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Diagnostic Radiology  
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Disability Dreams Group - DDG Innovations   Belleville
DisAbled Women's Network Canada   Montreal
Diseases and Conditions Support Groups  
Distress and Crisis Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Argue, Donald R - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Ashe, Gerald P - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Au, Ambrose See-Shing - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Audet, William M - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Beattie, David A - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Beg-Mirza, Athar - Orthopaedic Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Best, Sandra J - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Beveridge, Robert C - Emergency Medicine, practicing Internal Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Bhatt, Jayant S - Internal Medicine, practicing in Cardiology   Brockville
Doctor Bhatt, Nikhil R - Family Medicine   Prescott
Doctor Booth, Christopher M - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Briggs, Deborah E - Family Medicine   Seeley's Bay
Doctor Brooks, Donald G - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Brundage, Michael D - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Chawla, Harvinder K - Paediatrics   Brockville
Doctor Conway, James R - General Practitioner - Diabetes Clinic   Smiths Falls
Doctor Davison, Patrick J - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Du Toit, Regina M - Psychiatry   Brockville
Doctor Erb, John B - Family Medicine   Lansdowne
Doctor Evans, Jennifer B - General Practitioner   Portland
Doctor Faulhaber, Markus - Family Medicine   Gananoque
Doctor Felemegos, Ioannis - Family Medicine   Prescott
Doctor Feltham, Ian WK - Psychiatry and FCFP - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Finkenzeller, Kristin L - Obstetrics and Gynaecology   Brockville
Doctor Fuoco, Michael B - Urology   Brockville
Doctor Gambrel, Jason Earl - Orthopedic Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Gill, Sarbjit S - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Gitterman, Julian L - General Practitioner practicing in Psychotherapy   Gananoque
Doctor Haghiri, Behnia - Psychiatry   Brockville
Doctor Hamilton, Jeanette M - Family Medicine   Westport
Doctor Hammad, Nazik HM - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Hansen, Gregory - Orthopaedic Surgeon   Brockville
Doctor Hart, Brian J - Family Medicine   Gananoque
Doctor Hebert-Croteau, Nicolas S - Internal Medicine, practicing in respirology   Brockville
Doctor Hobden, Susan D - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Hodgson, Todd R - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Holmes, David NP - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Hynd, Jamie WH - Cardiology   Brockville
Doctor Irvine, Rebecca E - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Jadot, Sabina FC - Psychiatry   Brockville
Doctor Jaworski, Anne-France M - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Jordan, Andrew P - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Kellam, George W - Family Medicine   Prescott
Doctor Kielly, Maria - Obstetrics and Gynecology, practicing pediatric gynecology and transgender health care   Brockville
Doctor Knight, Drew A - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Brockville
Doctor Koziar, LD - Family Medicine   Seeley's Bay
Doctor LaForty, Jack M - General Practitioner   Portland
Doctor Lauf, Walter W - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Leonard, Kevin - Ophthalmology   Brockville
Doctor LeRiche, Tammy G - Obstetrics and Gynecology   Brockville
Doctor Lo, Lydia Ching Luen - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Locke, Amy Louise - Family Medicine   Gananoque
Doctor Maitland, Alexander J - Family Medicine   Gananoque
Doctor Malevich, Victoria Nikolayevna - Family Medicine   Gananoque
Doctor Malone, Robert D - Psychiatry   Brockville
Doctor Mansworth, Maurice Coleman - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor McGregor, Penelope Kathryn - Family Medicine   Merrickville
Doctor McMurray, Stephen J - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Brockville
Doctor Mooney, Kevin Kenny - Family Medicine   Merrickville
Doctor Moore, Stephen Blair - Internal Medicine   Westport
Doctor Mussett, Steven Anthony - Orthopedic Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Neeson, George - General Practitioner, practicing psychotherapist   Elizabethtown
Doctor Ng, Christa Colleen - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Noss, Mark B - Urology   Brockville
Doctor O'Connor, Emily Madeline - Family Medicine   Seeley's Bay
Doctor Pajot, Denise - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Redekopp, Alan Wayne - General Practitioner   Brockville
Doctor Redmond, William C - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Riyaz, Samreen Hasan - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Ruparelia, Meera - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Saunders-Reuvers, Cynthia Bernice - General Practitioner   Merrickville
Doctor Sharma, Shalini - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Shim, Paul Sup - Orthopaedic Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Shiozaki, Ian Kent - General Practitioner   Newboro
Doctor Shoemaker, Elisabeth Anne - Family Medicine   Portland
Doctor Sim, Franklin Hindson - Psychiatry   Brockville
Doctor Somani, Karim - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Steacie, Adam Day - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Stevens, Samuel Darwin - Ophthalmology   Brockville
Doctor Steyn, Jacobus J - Internal Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Steyn, Mariette - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Stobo, Reginald Benjamin - Family Medicine   Athens
Doctor Storrier, Melville - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Therrien, Arawn Alexandra Adrienne - Family Physician   Gananoque
Doctor Thomas, Andrew - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Torres Martinez, Nestor Enrique - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Trail, Carla Nadine - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Tyler, Melissa J - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Van Jaarsveld, Barend P - Family Medicine   Brockville
Doctor Worthy, Robert J - Family Medicine   Athens
Doctor Youssef, Magdy Boushra - Anesthesiology - Pain Clinic   Brockville
Doctors - Family and General Practitioners  
Doctors - Specialists  
DoctorsOntario   Toronto
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Dr Carson and Dr Spencer Chiropractic Services   Brockville
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto MedsCheck Android app on Google Play Download on the iOS App Store