Alphabetical Listing of Services - D - Lennox & Addington

DAC Medical Vision - DriveAble   Kingston
Dad Central Ontario   Carleton Place
Deafblind Ontario Services   Newmarket
Debtors Anonymous   Toronto
Dental Clinics - Individual Practitioners  
Dental Clinics - Low Cost Programs  
Denturist Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Deseronto Transit   Deseronto
Developmental Pediatrics  
Developmental Services Ontario  
Diabetes Canada   Toronto
Diabetes Canada - South Eastern Ontario Regional Leadership Centre   Kingston
Diabetes Canada - Toronto - D-Camps Ontario   Toronto
Diabetes Education Programs  
Diagnostic Imaging Clinics  
Diagnostic Radiology  
Dianne Robinson - Homemaker   Napanee
Dietitians of Canada   Toronto
Disability Dreams Group - DDG Innovations   Belleville
DisAbled Women's Network Canada   Montreal
Diseases and Conditions Support Groups  
Distress and Crisis Ontario   Kitchener
Doctor Andrawis, Mamdouh   Napanee
Doctor Bayoumi, Imaan M - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Beattie, Erin D - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Bell, Peter W - Family Medicine   Sharbot Lake
Doctor Booth, Christopher M - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Brundage, Michael D - Radiation Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Chen, Benjamin HP - Internal Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Cowan, Sandra L - General Practitioner   Tamworth
Doctor Curran, Daniel EH - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor de Jong, Jennifer D - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Dumas, Matthew G - Family Medicine   Northbrook
Doctor Elliott, Alan M - General Practitioner   Northbrook
Doctor Gazendam, Mary K - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Glassco, Margaret J - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Goldstein, Ronald - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Gonu, Crystal J - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Good, Louise - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Hadley, Brian P - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Hammad, Nazik HM - Medical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Hota, Lakshmi BV - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Hota, Venkata SV - General Surgery   Napanee
Doctor Ilkov - Moor, Snezana S - Psychiatry   Napanee
Doctor Jain, Shalini - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Khokhotva, Mykola - General Surgeon   Napanee
Doctor Koester, Catherine L (Kate) - Family Medicine   Newburgh
Doctor Lee, Carl Hua - Family Medicine (Emergency Medicine)   Napanee
Doctor MacKinnon, Laura E - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor McCullough, Wendy Marilyn - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor McDonald, Joanna - Family Medicine   Newburgh
Doctor McFadzean, Ian Laing - General Practitioner   Tamworth
Doctor McGregor, Aaron J - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Mitchell, Craig A - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Morrison, Kimberley Anne - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Pettis, Denise - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Pitre, Denise G - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctor Prabhu, Vijayalaxmi - Psychiatry   Kingston
Doctor Sosnowski, Christopher Jerzy - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Tam, Peter - General Practitioner   Northbrook
Doctor Tan, King Wi Andre - Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery   Napanee
Doctor Tobia, Bernard Zaidoon - General Practitioner   Northbrook
Doctor Touzel, Elizabeth Lyn - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Touzel, Thomas A - Family Medicine   Napanee
Doctor Wonnacott, Matthew William Thomas - Family Medicine   Amherstview
Doctors - Family and General Practitioners  
Doctors - Specialists  
DoctorsOntario   North York
Doula What You Love - Birth Doula & Birth Prep   Newburgh
Down Syndrome Association of Ontario   Mississauga
Dying with Dignity Canada   Toronto
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada   Toronto

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