Alphabetical Listing of Services - S - Lanark

SafetySeekERS - Safety Seek Emergency Response Systems   Oshawa
Saint Elizabeth Health Care - Eastern Counties   Cornwall
Saint Elizabeth Health Care - Smiths Falls Site   Smiths Falls
Salvation Army   Toronto
Salvation Army Smiths Falls Community Church (The)   Smiths Falls
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario   Toronto
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario - Cornwall - S D & G Chapter   Ottawa
School Mental Health ASSIST  
Scleroderma Society of Ontario   Hamilton
Self-Management Support Programs  
Seniors Store   Etobicoke
Seniors' Apartments  
Seniors' Clubs and Legions  
Serenity House   Ottawa
ServiceOntario   Toronto
Shardon Manor   Smiths Falls
Share and Care Al-Anon Family Group - Smiths Falls   Smiths Falls
Sharing Shops and Thrift Stores  
Shoppers Drug Mart - Perth   Perth
Shoppers Drug Mart - Smiths Falls   Smiths Falls
Sickle Cell Association of Ontario   Toronto
Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario   North York
Silkawear - Adapted Bonnets   Perth Road
Silvert's Adaptive - Clothing and Footwear for Seniors and Disabled Adults   Concord (Toronto)
Sitting For You - Marjorie E Johnson - Respite   Smiths Falls  
Skin Diseases  
Small Business Advisory Centre   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls (Town of)   Smith Falls
Smiths Falls and District Centre for Youth   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Community Food Bank   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Denture Clinic   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Family Chiropractic   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Massage Therapy Clinic   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Police Service   Smiths Falls
Smiths Falls Public Library   Smiths Falls
Social Action Groups  
Social Benefits Tribunal   Toronto
Social Justice Tribunals Ontario - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board   Toronto
Social Work Services  
Société Santé en français   Ottawa
South East Local Health Integration Network - Home and Community Care   Kingston
Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative   Thorold
SPARK Ontario  
Special Olympics Ontario   Toronto
Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario   Toronto
Spinal Cord Injury Ontario   Toronto
Spinal Cord Injury Ontario - Eastern Region   Kingston
Sport Medicine Clinics  
St Andrews Presbyterian Church - Perth   Perth
St Andrews Presbyterian Church - Perth   Perth
St Andrews United Church Toledo and Delta United Church - Drop-in Friendship for Seniors   Toledo
St John Ambulance - Brockville Branch   Brockville
St Lawrence College - Brockville   Brockville
Starlight Children's Foundation Canada - Ontario Office   Toronto
Street Outreach  
Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario (The)   Kingston
Stroke Prevention Clinics  
Stroke Survivors Association   Ottawa
Sunshine Foundation of Canada   London
Supervised Access Programs  
Supportive Housing  
Sweatergang Companions   Smiths Falls Android app on Google Play Download on the iOS App Store