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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

BGH and PSFDH Improve Stroke Outcomes

Acute Stroke Care Interim Report Shows Drop in Mortality Rates
Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and Brockville General Hospital have worked together to improve outcomes for stroke survivors.

A person who experiences a stroke is more likely to survive, recover and return home when early stroke care is provided by a specialized team in an Acute Stroke Unit.
Collaboration between Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital (PSFDH) and Brockville General Hospital (BGH) created a combined Acute Stroke Unit in Brockville.

Beginning in May 2016, people presenting with stroke to the Perth and Smiths Falls Emergency Rooms who required admission to hospital were transferred to the Acute Stroke Unit at BGH.

The Acute Stroke Unit, located on BGH’s 1 East inpatient unit includes a specialized team of doctors, nurses, therapists and others, who work with the patient and their family to determine the next steps for recovery. Upon discharge, patients receive care within their community.

A collective effort
The project has been a joint collaboration between the PSFDH and BGH teams, the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario and the South East Local Health Integration Network.

The group includes patient advisors from both hospitals. Linda Weese from Mallorytown, and Joan Moloughney from Westport, have each survived strokes and become passionate advocates for improving the stroke survivor experience. Watch this video for their story!

Interim report
From April to December, the Acute Stroke Unit provided care to 136 patients from across Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Counties including 36 patients who were transferred from PSFDH.

Interim data show improvement in patient outcomes. In- hospital mortality rates within the first 30 days have dropped from 17.4% (PSFDH) and 8.4% (BGH) for the three years preimplementation to a current combined rate of only 4.3%.

Other findings detailed in the report include information on care processes and the results of patient, family and provider surveys:
  • Patient and family surveys were designed with input from patient advisors. The results from 46 surveys indicate the new processes are working well. Work continues to ensure family members receive the information and support they need, with particular attention to family members who are visiting from a distance.
  • Provider surveys indicate satisfaction with improved timely access to quality care. Work continues to ensure timely flow of information upon transfers both to and from BGH.
  • In addition to the observed drop in the in-hospital mortality, care indicators demonstrate over 85% access to acute stroke unit care (100% for those from Lanark county); improved access to timely brain imaging; and increasing numbers discharged home with community supports and recommended follow-up.
  • The report includes recommendations to continue to deliver this joint service and improve the successful collaborative care processes.
The project team continues to work to ensure all health care providers are well informed on transfer processes to facilitate a positive experience for patients and families across Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Counties.

The next report by the LL&G Integrated Stroke Planning Committee is expected in Oct. 2017.

Further information can be obtained from the Communications Office at Brockville General Hospital 613-341-1202 or the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario 613-549-6666 ext 3562.

Thank you for your part in improving stroke care
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