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Friday, July 07, 2017

BGH Announces Regional Laboratory Integration

Brockville General Hospital announces the integration of their laboratory services with the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Association and Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s lab
As of July 6, 2017, Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) will provide management for all laboratory services remaining at Brockville General Hospital (BGH), including oversight of the BGH lab staff. Medical staff from KHSC and Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Association (SEAMO) will provide all laboratory medical services. This partnership aligns with a shared commitment to high quality, reliable, accessible and cost-effective patient services.

While critical and timely testing required for immediate patient care will remain at BGH’s core lab, the integration with KHSC and SEAMO will leverage KHSC’s state-of-the-art-technology and provide full access to a specialized medical team. This move should enhance access to high quality technical and clinical resources and automation already in place at KHSC’s laboratory. This change is also expected to reduce turn-around time for BGH’s critical pathology tests to support timely patient care.

This is an example of a regional integration initiative that came about through the Health Care Tomorrow - Hospital Services project that brought together hospitals across the South East to explore opportunities to work more closely together.

The laboratory services integration between BGH and KHSC has the added benefit that it will reduce annualized operating costs in Brockville and Kingston by providing scales of economy that will result in a lower cost for these services. The anticipated annual savings for BGH is $490,000. This type of approach has also been adopted in other parts of Ontario to address the significant complexity, technology, expertise and costs associated with laboratory services.

BGH is pleased that patients will benefit from a shared lab service.

Patient care benefits.
Critical and timely testing for patient care will remain at BGH allowing for the right service to the right test at the right time. This integration will provide BGH access to a team of pathologists and clinical laboratory scientists with the depth and breadth of skills and technologies to enhance the care provided in Brockville. KHSC and SEAMO experts in laboratory medicine will work closely with BGH laboratory staff.
Patients using services at BGH should not see any direct changes to their care.

Specimens will continue to be collected at BGH and transported to Kingston for analysis. This integration will provide faster turnaround of specimen test results which will help local healthcare providers make timely and informed decisions in their patients’ care journeys.

“As Supervisor, my goal is to rebuild Brockville General Hospital to meet the healthcare needs of our community for years to come. I am focused on ensuring the provision of quality services and continuing to improve the patient experience. Our lab integration with Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Association will see that BGH has access to a depth and breadth of skills and technologies which we otherwise could not afford.” -Kevin Empey, Hospital Supervisor, Brockville General Hospital


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