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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

SMILE for Community Care Northumberland

Community Care Northumberland has been named the 2017 Smile Cookie Campaign recipient again this year for Cobourg, Port Hope and Colborne.  Not only is this a great fundraising opportunity to support all the activities of Community Care Northumberland, it a wonderful opportunity to raise our profile in the communities.  

They need your help
Last year, they received over $26,000 dollars.  The keys to this success, staff and /or volunteers being a visible presence in each location (speaking with customers in store and in the drive thrus) and supporting the sales throughout the week by purchasing cookies at these locations – in singles and using pre-order forms for boxes.  Just think – they receive the whole dollar for the sale of each cookie – together they sold over 26,000 cookies in one week.  A record year!  They need your help to make this success happen again.

Be a visible Community Care Northumberland Ambassador
We are looking for volunteers to help us in 2 hour increments from Monday, September 11th – Friday, September 15th either to cover a morning shift from: 8 am – 10 am or 12noon – 2pm at the following 9 locations:

Community Address Contact
Cobourg 749 William Street Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Cobourg 970 Division St   Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Cobourg 1125 Elgin St W Sheri Birney  (905)372-7356
Cobourg 1011 Division St Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Colborne 289 Big Apple Dr Maretta (905)355-2989
Port Hope 2211 Northumberland County Rd 28
Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Port Hope 369 Ontario St Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Port Hope 159 Peter St       Sheri Birney (905)372-7356
Port Hope 181 Toronto Rd Sheri Birney (905)372-7356

It doesn’t matter where you are, if you are able to do a two hour shift on any of these days at these locations, please contact either Sheri or Maretta who are keeping the master lists for each location.  They have postcards made up to give out to help promote who they are and what they do.

Buy and encourage others to buy
Do you have a meeting coming up?  Friends over for coffee?  Service Club Meeting?  Encourage your friends to buy cookies.  The slogan for this Campaign is Get A Smile – Give A Smile, it is a good way to make someone’s day and support Community Care Northumberland.   

You can even pre-order boxes by calling Community Care Northumberland for a pre-order form.  You can choose when you want them to be ready and can pick them up packaged and ready.  Great for meetings or social events.

This is an important week for Community Care Northumberland.  Please help them make it a success!

Alicia Vandine
Regional Community Relations Coordinator
Community Care Northumberland
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