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Cardiology - South East

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These services serve all or part of South East
Doctor Abdollah, Hoshiar - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Adams, Gerald S - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Bhatt, Jayant S - Internal Medicine, practicing in Cardiology   Brockville
Doctor Campbell, Joseph ALJ - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Courtland, Michael R - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Grant, Frederick C - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Hollett, Peter M - Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor Hynd, Jamie WH - Cardiology   Brockville
Doctor Kafka, Henryk P - Internal Medicine and Cardiology   Belleville
Doctor La Haye, SA - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Link, Catherine Anne - Internal Medicine   Belleville
Doctor Malik, Paul G - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Matangi, Murray Frank - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor McCans, John L - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor McLellan, Catherine Susan - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Michael, Kevin Anthony - Cardiology, practicing in electrophysiology   Kingston
Doctor Pal, Raveen S - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Redfearn, Damian Paul - Cardiology, practicing in electrophysiology   Kingston
Doctor Sanfilippo, Anthony John - Cardiology   Kingston
Doctor Simpson, Christopher Steven - Cardiology, practicing in electrophysiology   Kingston
Doctor Thakrar, Amar - Cardiology   Kingston
Lennox and Addington County General Hospital - Cardiac Rehab Program   Napanee

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