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General Surgery - South East

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These services serve all or part of South East
Doctor Bardell, Trevor - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Barnabi, Francesco - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Cleminson, Douglas M - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Davies, Nina E - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Davison, Patrick J - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Engel, Cecil J - General Surgery, practicing in surgical oncology   Kingston
Doctor Hobden, Susan D - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Hota, Venkata SV - General Surgery   Napanee
Doctor Jalink, Diederick W - General Surgery   Kingston
Doctor Khokhotva, Mykola - General Surgeon   Napanee
Doctor Laishram, Haladhra P - General Surgery   Kingston
Doctor MacDonald, Peter H - General Surgery, practicing in colorectal surgery   Kingston
Doctor McIlreath, Sean Alexander - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Merchant, Shaila Jamaluddin - General Surgery and General Surgical Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Morell, Thomas P - General Surgery   Perth
Doctor Nanji, Sulaiman - General Surgery, practicing in hepatobiliary, pancreatic and general surgery   Kingston
Doctor Patel, Sunil Vijay - General Surgery, practicing in Colorectal Surgery   Kingston
Doctor Redmond, William C - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Rizvi, Shahbano Hussain - General Surgery   Belleville
Doctor Robertson, David I - General Surgery   Kingston
Doctor Somani, Karim - General Surgery   Brockville
Doctor Walker, George Ross - General Surgery, practicing in breast and endocrine surgery   Kingston

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