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Pediatrics - South East

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These services serve all or part of South East
Doctor Acker, Amy Elizabeth - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Belda, Antonio A - Pediatrics, practicing is Allergy   Belleville
Doctor Bhan, Heather - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Chawla, Harvinder K - Paediatrics   Brockville
Doctor Connelly, Robert J - Pediatrics, practicing in neonatology   Kingston
Doctor Dow, Kimberly E - Paediatrics, practicing in neonatology   Kingston
Doctor Flavin, Michael P - Paediatrics, practicing in paediatric respirology   Kingston
Doctor Gosse, Gordon D - Pediatrics, practicing in emotional / behavioral issues   Belleville
Doctor Gregoire, Keith R - Paediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Grewal, Karen K - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Hefferon, Michael - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Kiruluta, Sheila M - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Levis, Ruth E - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Liao, Willa - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor MacDonald, Elinor A - Paediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Moffatt, Anne Margaret - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Moore, Andrea M - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Nguyen, Tuyet T - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Piteau, Shalea Joanne - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Pradier Silva, Mariana - Pediatrics, practicing in Paediatric Haematology / Oncology   Kingston
Doctor Ranawaya, Jose - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Saleh, David Seleman - Pediatrics and Endocrinology and Metabolism   Kingston
Doctor Samdup, Dawa Zangmo - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Smith, Ronald Garth - Paediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Storr, Michael - Paediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Van Wylick, Richard C - Pediatrics   Kingston
Doctor Vanier, Kelly L - Pediatrics   Belleville
Doctor Woolnough, Rebecca J - Pediatrics   Belleville

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